Empowering Education Providers

You've done the marketing, now we'll handle the last mile in enrolments - closing the sale.

Which type of school are you?

New school / Opening soon

We will be launching a new school soon and need help with sales and student acquisition so that we can have a great start with enough students.

Existing School

We are an existing school looking to enrol more students and would like to outsource student acquisition to a professional sales team.

Growing Schools

We have great success with our existing school(s) and are looking to expand to more locations. We want to take our student acquisition to the next level so we can focus on expansion.

Whether you are an upcoming, existing or expanding school, Academix Asia's proven systems can help ensure the success of your school by automating lead capture - nurturing and converting more leads for you with our professional on-site sales team.

About Us

We are an experienced sales and marketing team with a track record of success. While we offer end-to-end sales and marketing services to our strategic partners in the education sector, our strength is really in closing the sale. We drive business so educators can focus on what they do best - teach.

At Academix Asia, we believe in our expertise can help education businesses grow and thrive in Malaysia and beyond. Connect with us today to find out if we can help your education business get more enrolments.